Voice Search Marketing Checklist

Voice search is more than just a female voice that can tell you the weather. Its the future of search and search engine optimization.

Voice search, also known as “search by voice”, is the ability to speak to a device and have it gather information for you.

Now raise your hand if you’ve used voice search before? Chances are your experiences are not consistent. Sometimes you might get exactly what you’re looking for. Other times, voice search will miss the mark.

Why is that?

Most businesses are not probably optimizing their content for voice search, which means they are missing out on countless search queries and countless business exposure opportunities.

Not to fear… we’ve put together our Voice Search Marketing Checklist to have you ready for Voice Search in no time.

Get Started with Voice Search

According to voicebot.ai, 58.6% of online adults in the United States have used voice search. That adds up to around 148 million adults in this country that have voice search experience.

That’s 148 million people, and counting, that are searching for answers!

Not only is it growing in popularity – it also creates an eyes-free/ hands-free user experience. With minimal effort required, voice search is definitely here to stay.

#1 ~ Questions Work

The way that voice search works is by scanning websites for answers to the questions you ask in your search. As a business, you need to think “what questions am I answering?”

For example, if you are a local Mexican restaurant someone might search “best Mexican restaurants near me”. In order to optimize your website for this search, try including the answer to that! Include phrases on your site like “the best Mexican food in Ft. Lauderdale or “The Best Mexican Restaurant in Broward County”.

This answers their search by providing 1) what you do and 2) where you do it

#2 ~ Think like you speak!

Voice search will not pick up on long-form paragraphs on your site. Make your phrases short, sweet, and to the point – as if you were having a conversation with the person doing the voice search.

If you are an agency or offer a service, try including bullet point lists of your services or solutions on your website to make it even easier for your business to display.

#3 ~ Update That Info

Voice search oftentimes pulls from your Google My Business Listing! Do you remember our Google Marketing Checklist? If not, check it out here for all the details:

Make sure to update your Google My Business profile completely with location, hours, services, and reviews. This will give voice search even more data to pull from and increase your chances of displaying.

#4 ~ Need for Speed

When someone clicks on your website from a voice search, they want to access information quickly! Make sure your site is:

1) optimized for mobile

2) super speedy

3) secure.

#5 ~ SEO Is your friend!

That’s right, SEO is probably your best friend.

Really step up your local SEO game to increase your display in search results.

So now that you have a better understanding of Alexa, we mean Voice Search – make sure to put it into action! Get started on your Voice Search Marketing Checklist.